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Police to Reopen Case After DNA Found in Wally’s Parent’s Freezer

Decades after the world was first gripped by the search for Wally new evidence may finally bring closure.

After police successfully tracked down Wally’s Parents, backup was called to the scene following reports of gunfire. A 90 minute standoff then ensued resulting in the death of both parents and left one member of police personnel requiring medical assistance.

Chief Inspector Rory Foster confirmed in a statement earlier reports that Wally’s DNA had indeed been found in both the family car and freezer, some decades after Wally’s final confirmed sighting.

“While this has brought fresh hope to the investigation with both family members now deceased we fear the trail may once again run cold.”

Chief Inspector Rory Foster – Wessex Police

Foster closed by asking the public to remain vigilant and encouraged anyone with further information to step forward. Police are particularly interested in anyone surrounding the event that may have seen a cloaked, elderly man fleeing the scene. Initial reports hint he may have a long beard.

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