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First reported case of COVID-19 in Lizard People

We have received reports today that the deadly coronavirus has now spread outside of humans for the first time, with well known Lizard Person Prince Charles of England testing positive after showing mild symptoms of the virus.

A statement from the Palace suggests that he is otherwise in good health, but this is still a concerning development for the Lizard People community. We have reached out to the community for comment.

Although this is of grave concern for all humanoid beings, it may actually be of benefit to the humans who has thus far been the main victim of the COVID crisis. With the knowledge that the virus can now spread to our reptilian overlords, there is hope that they may use their power and influence to help find a cure. There is still debate as to whether they would share this cure with the human population though.

We spoke to eminent Reptilian Researcher Jemima Edwards, who said ‘I am obviously concerned for the Lizard People and wish to extend my sincere sympathy to them at this difficult time for their community. I can only plead with them to not show anger towards us humans, but to instead work with us at this difficult time to try to find a solution that works for all.’

We at Fresh News wish to echo these sentiments and encourage all readers to continue to act responsibly, keep social distance, check in on those close to you, and do what you can to not further dismay the Lizard People.

Fresh News Royal Affairs Correspondent – Richard Root

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